Website development

At Compunel & sons B.V. we’ve made it our goal to provide a complete corporate website design solution for companies and
individuals who wish to enter the e-business arena.

This entails working with and for our clients towards building a web presence,
from the simplest logo design to the most complex website database integration.

The net result is a tailor-made solution for our clients and an experience/inspiration to their clients.
We focus on creating website’s that look clean, dynamic, interactive, fresh and last but definitely not least functional and user friendly.

We create a professional website which best suit your needs and target audience. The whole process of website development is in a phased manner,
thereby reducing any chances of any discrepancy while designing your website.

ICT Consultancy

The Consulting & Services Division of Compunel & Sons B.V. is in the business of providing Information Communication Technology (ICT)
solutions and expertise business organizations in the Netherlands Antilles. We aggregate ICT professionals and experts from all over the world,
and channel these valuable resources to fulfill all ICT requirements.

Our mission is to help our clients leveraging on the advances of ICT towards achieving their business objectives.
The scope of the Consultancy Services covers the whole project cycle i.e. from strategic planning, delivery, operation & maintenance, and up to project appraisal.

Project management

The success of a project largely depends on the way in which it is initiated and the way in which it is managed.
During its life cycle, the project will be under continuous scrutiny and will need constant steering.

At this end, Compunel & sons B.V. has produced a number of documents and methods that help ensure a project’s success.
A complete documentation of the information system is of the utmost importance. Pragmatic as always, we see to it that our documentation is uniform, compact, complete and on time.

Technical documentation is created and delivered in course of the project and is the basis of the technical training of the customer’s IT personnel.
The user manual is delivered at the end of the project and is the basis of the end user trainings.

Network Maintenance

While always focussing on the latest technologies, Compunel & Sons B.V. can help you set your strategy to tackle wireless and wired technology
and to expand your network to enhance the agility of your business:

Unlock hidden benefits within your network
Empower your workforce
Take advantage of resource-intensive applications

One should always be aware what is happening at the network level. A network analysis is a very good start. Network slowdowns, outages,
and security breaches can cost your organization much more than you may know. Your IT team spends precious time tracking these faults and
security lapses using a hit-and-miss formula. An analysis provides your IT team with valuable visibility into the network.

Service and repair

We offer service and repair of almost all hardware products we sell.
A flat rate repair consists of returning a unit to the manufacturer’s original specifications, repairing or replacing defective parts when necessary,
and performing hardware or firmware modifications when required. Flat rate repair pricing does not include the cost of shipping the unit to Compunel & Sons B.V.
or additional costs due to replacement of certain parts. You will be contacted if any repair is more than the flat
rate price.

All Compunel & Sons B.V.  repairs are covered by warranty for 30 days from the date of the original repair. Original batteries
are under warranty for 1 year. If the battery fails before that time, we will replace it at no charge to you other
than the cost of shipping the unit to us. We will ship it back to you free of charge, and no other repairs will be
performed at that time.

Training facilities

Capture attention, increase retention, spark imagination, make learning interesting, inspiring, and yes- even FUN!
Is a picture worth a thousand words? Nowhere is visual impact so important to information retention than in our class and training rooms.

Both adults and youngsters learn more quickly and more thoroughly when presented with visually exciting, interactive information and ideas.

Our classroom is suited with:

  • A media Projector
  • A projector screen is available
  • Whiteboard
  • Multi media computers
  • A color Printer
  • Copier
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Hi, how can we help you?